Sylvia Rigakis, CGD
I'm a reformed certified communication designer who now works as a creative producer.
For 14 great years, I ran CHAOS Communications, a private design agency, which I helped found. Over the past 25 years, I told visual stories for both web and print projects, working for corporate, academic and non-profit clients. 

As a creative producer, I balance a reverence for creative freedom and integrity, with a genuine respect for the importance of planning, accurate budgeting and detailed organization. Basically, I'm a designer who does great math and also understands what it takes from a designer's perspective to get things done.

A long time member of the Graphic Designers of Canada I have definitely drunk their kool-aide. I was president of the GDC Alberta North chapter two times over as well as sat as vice-president communications on the national board.

Food is one of my passions. Consuming it. Talking about it. Cooking it. Reading about it. When not experimenting with updating my Nanas' Greek recipes or eating at as the many tasty places here in Vancouver, I write for the fabulous Foodists blog.

I'm obsessed with exploring the world, with pugs and pretty much any dogs. I love travelling and creating. These days I express myself through fibre art and illustration. You can see my latest artwork on Instagram @sylvia_maxwell. And find out exactly what the hell fibre art is!
All my CV details are up on LinkedIn.
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