I'm a producer, an organizer, a fixer, and a problem solver. I take your creative director’s vision and turn it into something tangible. I understand and respect the creative process, but never lose sight of budgets and deadlines. I find and connect the right people, put them to work, and make sure the work that is produced is powerful and persuasive. I pay attention to details, listen to ideas, come up with innovative solutions, and can problem-solve on a dime. My teams tell me I’m easy to work with and genuinely nice, but they know I’m not afraid to say no or take a stand – and they respect me for it.
From hiring your photographer, styling team, and casting the talent, to booking travel, catering, and finding locations, I get things done. I negotiate contracts and create schedules, and coordinate post-production, including photo editing. I even make sure your creative director has their favourite candy and caffeine on set. And I can do it out of a suitcase or from the back seat of an Uber. I’ve produced shoots in Vancouver, Toronto, and all across Alberta, as well as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and my personal favourite, Palm Springs.
Omnichannel projects:
I’ve got experience in doing everything from hiring your creative director, designers, and writers for concept generation, to producing the photoshoot. If you need someone to code your website (UX/UI/front and back end), I have a network of smart people at the ready. The same goes for helping you buy media for offline or online advertising, and even old-fashioned print  (remember PRINT?) And if you’ve got a great in-house team, I’m happy to hop in wherever you need support.
What don’t I do:
Now that you know what I do, let’s go over what I don’t do. I do not design (although I could if I wanted to), or write or code or take photos (even though my social media photos are pretty spectacular). But if you need those skills for your project, I will find you the best people and build you a team that does exactly what you need it to do. If you aren’t sure of your brand, strategy, or what you need to do before you have a project ready, I know those people too. 
Who I do it for:
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