I work with innovative, creative, and passionate people who have stories to tell. Often, with creative directors and photographers and just as often directly with companies that have a vision. My job is to make sure their work stands out and their brand values are upheld. If you know what your end goal is, I know how to get you there. I source and assemble the best possible team to create, show-stopping on-brand work.

What makes me different? 
I have 30 of experience, which means I was around before social media, back when you had to have actual talent to get your work in front of people. And when you needed more than an iPhone to call yourself a photographer. I’m a reformed graphic designer, who speaks fluent creative director but also understands what your budget allows and CFO demands. I’m great with math and breaking down six-figure budgets, and I know how to build and adhere to a detailed timeline. I ran my own company for 14 years and have worked with a ton of different kinds of companies across Canada, from retail to corporate, to agencies and anything in between. 
Since my first task on every project is to build the right team, I’ve made a point of learning how to find the best people and then get them to do their best possible work. I studied with Sabrina Ali learning about FIRO theory. FIRO theory teaches you how to listen and communicate more effectively, so the teams you build are engaged, effective, and exceptional. Better teams = Better results, for you and your brand.
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